Kevin Eldridge
For Oldham County District 6 Magistrate
ELDRIDGE  Magistrate District 6

I am your Oldham County Magistrate for District 6. 
I was born here in 1959 and grew up in what was then the outskirts of LaGrange, but is now a Verizon Wireless store. I have spent a lifetime here, my wife and I both own businesses here, and I want to use those 56 years of experience to give you able representation on Oldham County Fiscal Court.
I believe in government that is fiscally responsible. I serve on the finance committee and we have kept a balanced budget, not dipping into reserves. We have also paid down the County's debt and I believe both these practices must continue. I believe that government truly is by the people and for the people, not paid for by the people but for the few.
If you review my “About me” page, you will see that I have been involved with many Oldham County organizations. Through those I worked with a diverse group of people and in many contexts. I believe that working well with others is a big part of representing you on Fiscal Court.
I continue to work for you, exploring the problems that come up, questioning when in doubt of the answers and working for solutions when I disagree with those proposed.
Great decisions lie ahead. These challenging times demand that we make changes. In order to move forward, the county leadership must work together, focusing on the county’s strengths and weaknesses in a concerted effort to find the answers to the tough questions coming. 

I appreciate your support and thank you for your faith in electing me.

I welcome your input, comments, questions, and ideas along with your willingness to support District 6. Please visit the support or contact pages to find out how to reach me.
Kevin Eldridge
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